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Wellbeing Wednesday Updates

Happy Wednesday everyone! So whilst I haven’t ventured into the water yet to try wild swimming, I’d like to thank Marina Curran-Colthart for sending on a helpful picture guide to what to wear after last week’s edition of WBW. So if you are interested, contact her directly or our Wellbeing team can forward it on. Good luck!
Hello and Happy Wiggle It, Waggle It Wellbeing Wednesday! We are well into spring now and have been noticing all the little things outside in the garden – birds building nests, the squirrels feeding, more flowers and leaves emerging and… a hare and baby hare seem to have adopted us! Fortunately they are just eating grass and some lupins at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll be into the cabbages as soon as they are planted out! Look out for future descriptions of my Hare Proof fence.

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