New employees

Our Induction Process is designed to ensure new employees are integrated effectively into the Council, and that a consistent approach is taken to achieve this.  In broad terms, it aims to ensure new employees achieve the following 5 goals:

  1. To become familiar with their day to day working environment and understand the relevant health and safety information
  2. To meet their colleagues, learn the team’s goals and understand how and where their job fits in.
  3. To know exactly what their jobs involves, what is expected of them and what support the Council will provide to allow them to perform to the best of their ability.
  4. To understand their conditions of employment, and know the relevant practical information about holidays, pay processes, etc. and how to access all relevant policies and procedures.
  5. To understand how the work and goals of their team fit into the wider responsibilities and goals of the Service and of the Council, and be aware of other functions within the Council.

Online induction module

In order to assist managers and new employees with this process an online induction module is available for all new employees to access via the Hub which will provide a wealth of information about the Council and its departments as well as essential policies and procedures and training opportunities available.

When you join the council you will be allocated a corporate email address and shortly after receive an email from LEON with your log-in details. (This can take up to a week)