New investment programme to support local regeneration projects

Lochgilphead Front Green

Argyll and Bute Council will deliver additional regeneration projects as part of the Scottish Government’s Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP).

The council today, approved an initial first phase of £260,000 to support a range of major improvement projects in the area. The overall PBIP council allocation for 2021/2022 is £821,000. A report highlighting the next phase of funding will be presented at the Policy and Resources Committee in August.

The Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP) aims to ensure investment is focused on benefitting local areas by revitalising town centres and regenerating communities and neighbourhoods.

As part of the Place Based Investment Programme, projects must meet strict criteria and be delivered by March 2022.

The initial phase includes three key projects:

  • The Argyll-wide shopfront improvement scheme (80,000)
    To support local business owners invest in their shopfronts through the provision of grants. It follows the successful Scottish Government Town Centre grant scheme in 2020/2021 which supported more than 70 Argyll and Bute businesses.
  • Tower Street, Rothesay (£100,000)
    Repair work to the Tower Street building is being delivered as part of the Rothesay Townscape Heritage/CARS project. The council has acquired the building’s ground floor to use as office accommodation. Funding is approved to significantly enhance its appearance.
  • Lochgilphead Front Green (£80,000)
    Upgrade of the pavement surface finish to stone in this important public space, complementing the town’s recently completed Colchester Square public realm project

Councillor Alastair Redman, Policy lead, Business, Regeneration and Commercial Development:

Local regeneration is a key priority as we continue to invest across Argyll and Bute enhancing the area as a fantastic place to work, live and visit.

We are already seeing the benefits of transformational projects in our towns and settlements and the additional funding from the Place Based Investment Programme is welcome news for the area. ”

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