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May 2022

Progress is well underway to prepare offices for the mix of home/office working employees have told us they want. As you can appreciate this is a huge complex task with office spaces in multiple locations across Argyll and Bute. Over the last year, the project team has been busy gathering information and planning for our new hybrid approach to working.

It may seem as though it’s gone very quiet but rest assured, a lot of prep work is going on behind the scenes to get everything ready.

To help keep you up to date on progress to date and next steps, we will share the latest news in a newsletter. Over the coming months, you’ll see how we’re transforming offices and you’ll hear from staff who are already using new work spaces.

We are preparing hybrid-working hub buildings in staggered phases. While these buildings are being prepared, we are looking to introduce interim measures for employees who have indicated they want to work from an office. One of the steps we are taking is to set up flex-desks. These are shared spaces for people to use if they need to be in an office for a short amount of time. A flex-desk booking system will be available soon. We will share details when this is ready to use. 

In the meantime, please continue to follow guidance if you would like to, or need to come into an office.

We would love to hear your feedback on how working from home has been for you – positive and negative experiences. It would be great to share this feedback with colleagues in future newsletters. Please get in touch at ourmodernworkspace@argyll-bute.gov.uk

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Can I return to the office?

It is important that we continue to exercise caution to reduce infection rates and keep each other safe and well.
The Scottish Government has encouraged employers to adopt a phased return to offices and hybrid working approach.

Please do not rush back to offices just yet. If you need to come into an office, please follow guidance and discuss with your line manager in the first instance.

Please do not remove any equipment if you are using a flex-desk. If you need equipment for working from home, please speak to your line manager.

If you have any questions contact ourmodernworkspace@argyll-bute.gov.uk


Spring clean

Thank you to everyone who has cleared out equipment files and digitised as much as possible. We need you to continue to do that, so we don’t take any items to the new spaces that you no longer need.

When disposing of items, please be mindful on what and how you are disposing of. You can find guidance on information/data management on the Hub. Additional guidance on equipment and resource disposal will also be available on the Hub shortly.




Willowview House in Oban is now complete. It was renovated to house a brand new nursery on one side of the building and a fantastic fresh office space on the other. We hope to hear from some of the teams in the next few weeks to see how hybrid working is going for them.






Next steps

The next buildings we are planning to complete are Argyll House in Dunoon followed by Municipal Building in Oban.

As you can imagine, this takes a significant amount of planning so we will be in touch with all teams affected by the Argyll House move in early May. Discussions will include how we plan to complete the move and which teams will be moving when. We’ll also finalise many of the issues raised and discussed during the workshops we held last year.

We know you are likely to have questions. Please feed them through your line manager in the first instance and we can pick these up in workshops or with individuals and teams.

Managing teams virtually

Managing teams working from home throws up different challenges to those we faced before in the office.  To support managers, we are running online training courses via Teams. Please book on MyView.  

Available dates:

Thurs 2 June
Thurs 16 June

If you have any questions please contact trainingcentre@argyll-bute.gov.uk