footprints in the sand

Our next steps

We now know who our councillors are for this new council term, following council elections last week. You can see our newly elected members on our website. Discussions are happening now among their different political parties to decide who will be in the Administration and who in the Opposition.

Our next steps

Every new council has its own set of challenges to deal with and priorities to progress. Think about everything that’s happened between now and the previous election five years ago – we’ve changed how we work in so many ways, we’ve delivered millions of pounds more in savings, attracted millions of pounds of investment, we’ve supported communities and businesses through a world-wide pandemic… I could go on.

A new council is a good time to take stock, to look at where we are now, and to plan for what we want and need to achieve over the next five years. I have been working in different ways to prepare us for this.

In brief, we know that we will need to deliver more savings in the years ahead, that the needs and  expectations of our communities will continue to be high, and that if staff workloads continue to increase they will quite simply become unmanageable. Something needs to change.

With that in mind, I have been listening to what employees tell me in different ways about working here, meeting partners about local and national challenges, and finding out what makes other organisations effective, to identify what kind of change could work best in this council.

Over the next few weeks I will be telling you more about this and about opportunities for you all to get involved in developing the detail of how we work and progress together through the next five years.

Together we are a great team for Argyll and Bute – think about the challenges we’ve met, the successes we’ve achieved. I want us to build our future together so it works for us all.

Purse and planet – this week’s podcast

The rising cost of living continues to affect us all. This week I have the pleasure of speaking with Jackie Westerman, the council’s Home Energy Efficiency Project Officer, and Brian Barker from Home Energy Scotland, about what households can do to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. There is also information about renewable energy sources for homes and what financial assistance is currently available.

Using energy more efficiently could not only cut costs but can also support us to develop climate-friendly Argyll and Bute, helping both our purse and our planet. I hope you enjoy listening to my Podcast (

Covid update

Just a reminder that there’s been a significant change in national Covid guidance.  Read the latest advice and find out how it affects you on MyCouncilWorks.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you have any questions about anything I’ve discussed, you are very welcome to contact me at


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive