We need to change the way we currently use Outlook to enable us to work more efficiently and collaboratively across the organisation.

The new 365 apps include file storage that will free up Outlook. Storing documents in a more structured way will make our systems more manageable and accessible.

Example – if you get an email which you would normally forward to your team, you can now drop it into your Teams client and share it with all of your colleagues. As Teams is built on SharePoint, this means we only store one copy of the email (including the attachments). That copy can be accessed by anyone who needs to see it.

Email Management Policy – link to doc

New Outlook Insight features

Cortana is a daily email briefing tool. It summarises details of the top “actionable items” from Outlook and drops into your inbox each morning. Learn more about making the best use of Cortana

My Analytics is a tool to help us work smarter. It analyses work patterns using data from across the MS 365 Apps. Learn more about My Analytics here

Further ‘How to’ topics

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 Manage calendar and contacts

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