Personas are fictitious character profiles created to represent different groups of people. Personas are developed to represent users and/or the people who deliver a service. Although amalgamated from characteristics of real people, they are used to provide anonymous but believable characters. In turn, you can use the personas to inform and communicate your service design.

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Normally about 4 to 6 personas will be created for each service.

Care should be taken to maintain the anonymity of the people whose experiences have been used to create the personas.

How to build a persona

For each persona you wish to create, you will need tocreate a description. You will find it helpful to do this under different headings, such as:

  • Personality.
  • Biography / background.
  • Motivations.
  • Goals.
  • Pains.
  • Behaviour.
  • What influences your persona and informs their opinions?


As a service designer you should be able to relate to the persona well enough that you can use it as a shorthand to recall what they represent.

Each persona should be consistent within itself. That will make them more convincing and memorable. Where there are internal inconsistences within the persona, it will be less useful and you are more likely to end up with an inconsistent product.

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