Part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Planner allows you to organise team tasks.

With Planner, you can:

  • Create new plans, assign tasks, and share files with others.
  • Organise teamwork and collaborate on projects in a simple, visual way.
  • Choose how and when to receive notifications when tasks are completed, assigned, and commented on.
  • Keep track of your team’s progress and stay on top of your work

Planner makes allocating team tasks easier with all progress recorded in one place. This saves the need to send multiple emails.

Planner Guidance

The main points to note are


  • Use Planner for simple team projects, and tracking actions or shared work within Teams
  • Use Planner from within the Teams application to encourage wider collaboration
  • Keep any plans you create up-to-date, or remove them when no longer required
  • Request a new Team to assign your plan to, if no suitable Team already exists


  • Include any detailed personal or confidential data in Planner 
  • Keep Plans indefinitely, delete them when no longer required 
  • Use Planner for complex projects, which require you to track dependencies or costs. (Use MS Project Instead) 

Help Topics

Creating a new plan.

There are two methods of creating a new plan.

By adding a Planner tab in Teams, it makes it convenient to collaborate with your team on your plan, have conversations, and share files all in one place.

To add a new plan to your team, select the channel to which you want to add the plan. Click the plus sign (+) to the right of the tabs.

In the “Add a Tab” window, click the “Tasks by Planner and To Do” tile.

When creating a new plan from the Planner Hub choose the link to ‘Add to an existing Microsoft 365 Group.’

You can request a new Team or Group, via the Teams request form. Once you establish your team, you can create a plan.  

NB. Any user assigned a task within a plan will by default become a member of the Group/Team and have access to all content within that Team.

Select the “Create a new plan” option and give your Plan a name

Access your Plans

You can access plans via Teams or via the Planner Hub at

From Teams

In Teams, you can see any plans associated with your Team in the menu banner at the top of your screen

From Planner Hub at

You can see all plans in the main screen. Remember you need to be a member of the Team to view the plans. In the Planner Hub, Plans, which are linked, to existing Teams will be flagged as a “Linked Plan”

These plans will have the option to “Open in Microsoft Teams“

On the left hand menu pane select “Assigned to me” to see all the planner tasks that have been assigned to you.

Build your plan – Click on the links below to learn how to build your Plan

              Add tasks to a plan

              Add task start and due dates

              Assign Task Priority

              Assign people to tasks

              Create buckets to sort your tasks

View and Track Progress – Click on the links below to learn how to track and monitor your plan

              Set and Update Task Progress

              View charts of your plans progress

              View your tasks on a calendar

              Comment on Tasks in Microsoft Planner