Oban Marina by Donald Melville

Planning a plan?

Planning a plan?

I want to cut down on paperwork, bureaucracy and avoidable obstacles, to create more time for us all to get our jobs done.

As part of that, I’d like to reduce the number of strategies and plans produced across the council.

If you are going to be developing a new strategy or plan, or updating existing versions, as a first step would you please put together a summary (no more than one side of A4), explaining why the strategy is needed and what it will deliver, and bring it to ELT (Executive Leadership Team) for a chat. To do that just email stuart.green@argyll-bute.gov.uk

We’ll then consider together whether there is a way of reducing the work you need to do on it, possibly by linking in with work being done in other services.


Wellbeing survey

If you have a couple of minutes to answer a survey about wellbeing, that would be great. The HR & OD team will use your feedback to develop wellbeing support for employees. Survey now closed

And well done goes to…

…all our great photographers out there who are doing an excellent job at promoting the area! As you know, Argyll and Bute has to beat competition from other areas in Scotland to attract the people and skills we need. Showcasing the amazing outdoors lifestyle on offer is one way to do that.

Photos taken by Donald Melville, Business Adviser, are helping attract attention to council jobs on social media, and Mull refuse collector, Colin Morrison, is bringing local and national attention to the area with his “A bin man’s view of Mull and Iona” Facebook collection of stunning shots.

Our social media ‘#abplace2b’ campaign is all about showing people why they should choose to live and work here. If you are posting photos that do that, please get involved and use #abplace2b.

And finally, I am delighted to announce that Anne Blue, Finance Manager, has been appointed as our new Head of Financial Services – congratulations Anne!

Summer fun

It’s the holiday season for many now, so my next update will be in August.

I’m off to Cornwall for a couple of weeks, hoping for sun of course, fingers crossed! Whatever you are doing, I hope you get a chance to relax and recharge.

With thanks, as always, for everything you are doing for the council, and for Argyll and Bute,


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive