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Scottish Local Government Elections, Thursday 5th May 2022 – Pre-Election Period Guidance

The Scottish Local Government Elections will take place on Thursday 5th May 2022.

Accordingly the Returning Officer for Argyll and Bute, Pippa Milne, has published the Notice of Election today, Monday 14th March 2022. You can find this here.

The pre-election period starts immediately. There are particular requirements and restrictions for council staff during this time. This is to ensure that no individual or political party standing for election can make use of council resources – including staff – for their own political purposes.

It is important that both councillors and employees are familiar with all issues associated with the pre-election period.  The council has drawn up guidance, Argyll and Bute Council Pre-Election Guidance LGE May 2022, for those requiring more information.

If employees are unsure about whether something you have been asked to do is political, or could be interpreted as such, please refer the matter to your Executive Director.

Information about the Scottish Local Government Elections in Argyll and Bute is available on the council website here. This includes information about the nominations process, details of polling places, and detail for voters including registration, postal and proxy voting and other useful information.

There is also a dedicated page on The Hub.

The Notice of Poll will also be published on this webpage as soon as practical following the close of the nominations period at 4pm on Wednesday 30th March 2022.

The council’s Elections Team is also available to assist and can be contacted on 01546 603264 or

Below are some useful web links to find out more about elections and voting: – online voter registration – the independent body which oversees elections in the UK and where you can find out information about all aspects of elections and voting.

Issued on behalf of Pippa Milne, Returning Officer for Argyll and Bute

14th March 2022

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