Pupils’ achievements celebrated as Council approves annual Education Plan

group of children spelling the word future

The successes and achievements of children, young people and school staff across Argyll and Bute were celebrated today when the Council’s Community Services Committee approved its annual Education Plan for 2021/22.

The plan is prepared in line with the requirements of the Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000, and brings together a range of information about the work of the education service for parents, pupils, staff, carers and communities.

As well as setting out the key priorities over the next 12 months, the 2021-22 plan also looks at the education service’s continued response to Covid-19 and reflects upon the progress made with respect to priority actions within last year’s plan.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, said: “Our plan pulls together a range of information on the work of the Education Service for pupils, staff, parents and carers and our communities. It is aimed at ensuring that all of our children and young people are provided with the best possible educational experience and are best-supported to achieve their full potential.

“An example of this, and one of which I am particularly proud, is our commitment to supporting the mental wellbeing of our children and young people. Our strategy includes a range of help, support and advice which are available and includes our counselling in school service, our ongoing work to develop a trauma informed work force, our commitment to additional staff and our partnership working with three outdoor centres that have afforded all of our schools an outdoor learning experience.

“We have a great deal to be proud of in Argyll and Bute and this plan illustrates a number of the successes and achievements of our children and young people, our staff, as well as those of our schools and services. It is right to be proud of these achievements, but equally important to acknowledge that further improvement is planned in line with local and national priorities.

“The ongoing presence of the COVID-19 virus continues to present an unprecedented challenge for education across Scotland. It is the commitment and effective partnership working through these circumstances which ensures we are able to continue to meet the needs of our children and young people, and I would like to thank all of our children, young people, staff, families and communities for their continuing support as we work to build a better future together.”

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