Pupils take the wheel to tackle inconsiderate parking

Pupils placing notice on parked car

Pupils at Hermitage Primary are advocating for safer streets and a greener environment at their school by launching a campaign to address parking issues during drop-off and collection times.

Armed with a passion for creating positive change, the pupil committee members have taken to distributing informative leaflets to parents, urging them to reconsider their parking habits. The leaflets outline the potential risks of double parking, emphasising the importance of maintaining clear pathways for pedestrians and the safe flow of traffic around the school premises.

Beyond addressing safety concerns, the children are also shedding light on the environmental impact of driving to school. By encouraging parents to consider greener alternatives such as walking or cycling, the pupils aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with daily drop-offs and pick-ups.

Because of their efforts, the school has already experienced a significant reduction in the number of cars parking dangerously outside the school, with many stopping further away or adopting alternative ways of travelling to school.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, said: “It’s superb to see the children taking a pro-active approach to tackling this issue. There really is no excuse for double parking, especially outside a school. Not only is it inconsiderate, it is also extremely dangerous, and I commend the pupils for their efforts. I would urge parents to listen to their children and only stop where it is safe to do so. Or, even better, walk to school with their child if that is an option.”

Acting Head Teacher at Hermitage Primary, Marianne Docherty, said: “Our pupils care about their local community and environment so it came as no surprise that they were keen to be advocates for safe parking around our school. We appreciate continuing support from our parents to keep the roads around our school free from obstructions.

“The children on the committee take their role very seriously and we would like to thank our parents for helping by observing parking rules around the school and thereby making the roads as safe as possible at drop-off and pick-up times.”

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