Registrar and Roads to the rescue

The view from the car - snow on either side of the roadDunoon-based registrar Stephanie Wright proved during the week that Argyll and Bute staff always go the extra mile to deliver service, even in the face of major weather events like Storm Barra.

Stephanie was going to conduct a wedding at Lochgoilhead travelling via the Hell’s Glen road, which was the best option as the Rest and Be Thankful was already blocked by an articulated vehicle which had got stuck. As she headed up the hill, the snow started falling heavily, and soon she was trapped unable to move the car.

She got in touch with the office, who got in touch with the roads team who were able to tell her the gritter was already out on the road and making its way in her direction. Nonetheless, she still had an anxious wait of an hour and a half, knowing there was a couple waiting to be married.

Stephanie said: “I didn’t want to add any more to their stress – most of their guests had already cancelled because of the weather. The weather was already terrible when I set out, but it’s someone’s wedding day, you have to be there.”

The gritter arrived and Stephanie was able to follow it up the hill. The wedding happened with only an hour’s delay.

View of the wedding venue with a piñata of the happy coupleThis is just one example of the many challenges that Team Argyll and Bute face when delivering services across such a diverse and challenging geography, particularly in the winter.

The view from the car - snow on either side of the road