Rip + Mix


Rip + Mix  encourages creativity and lateral thinking in developing solutions to problems.

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The tool

Rip + Mix is designed to be used collaboratively. The tool can be used in large groups or small teams.

Rip and Mix chart to be completed during the process.

Why use it

When to use it

  • Use Rip + Mix in the develop stage of your service design journey.

How to use it

  1. Using a template / worksheet, participants are encouraged to take the characteristics of services they find pleasurable and apply them to – rip + mix them with – things which are causing your service users difficulty.
  2. Through applying practices users find pleasurable / satisfying to ‘painful’ services, you may create ideas for new services which users will find more satisfying.



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Additional information

  •  The Rip + Mix tool was designed by the Service Design Academy in conjunction with T-Labs at Deutsche Telecom, Berlin.