Dog running in the woods

Staying healthy, budget and an OBE

Is it just me or are the mornings that bit lighter and late afternoon light seems to last a little longer? It’s often hard to motivate yourself to take a break and get out of the house for a walk when it’s dark and miserable. Quite frankly the last thing I want to be doing some days is putting the wellies on and taking the dogs out. I always feel better for it though so whatever you choose to do, try and make a little time for yourselves – even though some days are harder than others!

Next week will be an important one for budget planning. We expect to find out what the council’s Scottish Government funding settlement will be for next year, and so to have a better idea of the level of savings we need to deliver.

As you know, we have been identifying options for bridging an estimated funding gap of around £6 million. Our first priority is always to achieve savings through efficiencies or raising income, and to protect services as much as is possible.

I realise that this is a difficult time if you are affected by the possible savings options identified. Please do speak to your manager if you have questions, and remember that the employee assistance service is available for you to speak to confidentially if that would help.
I will update you again next week on news from the Scottish Government.

Join me this week as I chat to Anne Paterson. We reflect on her career in education in Argyll and Bute. Anne started work here in 1982 and recently retired. Her hard work has been recognised in the New Year’s Honours List with an OBE. You’ll find my latest podcast on the website

Stay safe, enjoy your weekend.