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Support to suit you

‘How will it make things better for me?’

Understandably this is a question I get asked about my change programme, which as you may know is about developing new ways of working that make it easier for us to get work done in what are challenging times.

My answer in part is that you will be free to decide what you want to take from these new options for how we work, to suit you.

There is a huge range of roles and professions in the council. You will know best what is helpful and practical for you.

I’ll obviously be speaking with you in a lot more detail about all this. For today, please just bear in mind that you will be welcome to match these opportunities for changing how we work, to you and what would support you.

Just ask

Following feedback you’ve given me – that it can be difficult to find information you need – as a first step, we’ve put together in one place a list of frequently used contact details. So if you have a question, please just ask. And if there are any other details you think should be on the list, just let me know. Thanks.


Congratulations to everyone recognised at last week’s virtual Learning Awards ceremony. In this week’s podcast I have the pleasure of speaking with some of our award-winning learners, Gary Clark, Chris-Elaine Davie, Alistair Maule and Linda Thompson, and with Human Resources and Organisational Development Manager, Carolyn Cairns.

Have a lovely weekend.