Sway is a web-based app that allows you to create presentations and newsletters to share. Think of it as lighter and easier version of PowerPoint.


The main features include:

  • Create presentations from scratch or use a range of templates
  • Embed videos and images
  • Easy to organise or rearrange content
  • Select from a range of fonts, colour schemes and layouts


How do I share my Sway?

You can share your document internally across the council or externally to partner organisations.


To share, you can either include a standard URL link to an email, a visual link using an image from your Sway. You can also share the document with edit permissions to allow colleagues to collaborate on your Sway.


Each time you create a new Sway, you have the option to save as a template allowing users with access to re-use the layout, themes and colour schemes in future presentations. 


The main points to note are: 



  • Check what templates are available, and adhere to any corporate template settings as required
  • Keep any content you create up-to-date, or remove it when no longer required
  • Consider the content and sharing settings when creating a Sway presentation – who should or shouldn’t have access to it



  • Include any personal or confidential data in Sway presentations
  • Keep Sways indefinitely, delete them when no longer required


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