Taking action now and for the future

Pippa Milne and Robin Curry

Argyll and Bute Council continues to move at pace to respond to the impacts of recent severe weather on communities and infrastructure across the area. At the same time as taking the actions needed now, the local authority is also already planning ahead for the future beyond the storms and towards securing support for the area’s long term success. 

Pippa Milne, Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council, paid tribute to all involved in the immediate response, saying: “Tackling the significant weather impact needs a team effort. Once again, Argyll and Bute’s communities, businesses and public agencies have come together in the face of very challenging circumstances. 

“Our communities helped, without hesitation, those who were stranded. There has, as always, been tremendous collaboration between our partner agencies. We have seen local businesses step up to offer support where they can. And council staff have been out working, round the clock and in difficult circumstances, to take action, to deliver solutions and to plan ahead. Thank you again to everyone who’s been part of such an incredible response to an unprecedented challenge.”

Council Leader, Cllr Robin Currie, added: “We are taking action now to keep Argyll and Bute moving. However, planning for the future is also a priority for us. 

“A lot needs our attention immediately, like repairs to roads and bridges, or temporary arrangements we’ve moved so quickly to put in place to help children get to school and to keep other core services in place. 

“The reality is that in addition to the actions this council is taking, Argyll and Bute will need investment from both the Scottish and UK governments to move beyond recovery and to secure our future success. 

“The council is already in contact with the Scottish Government about the Bellwin scheme, which is activated in certain emergency situations and which provides a level of funding support for the unexpected costs incurred in a crisis response. This scheme, though, can’t cover all the costs that the council will face. It doesn’t address other key issues like support for communities and businesses who are affected. We are therefore actively seeking that kind of assistance for Argyll and Bute at every possible opportunity. 

“Argyll and Bute makes very significant and valuable contributions to national priorities in numerous ways, from our place high up in the Scottish tourism sector to our world-renowned food and drink exports which bring in millions of pounds each year. These high-value financial boosts to the treasury depend on reliable routes to market if they are to continue. 

“The many benefits that Argyll and Bute brings to the Scottish and UK economies must be safeguarded and backed up with the support we need to move beyond recovery and to continue to thrive.”  

The council is providing frequent updates on actions taken across the area and local services at Argyll and Bute moving on – weather 6/7 October | Argyll and Bute Council (argyll-bute.gov.uk)

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