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Teams – FAQs



What is the difference between using the desktop app and the browser based webapp to access Teams??  

Very Little. The web app has improved enormously and offers an experience very similar to that of the desktop client. The remaining limitations in the Web App are predominantly in the advanced meeting functionality and when running live events. The ability to create meeting breakout rooms, blur your background image in a Video call, run a live event are all restricted in the web version of the app. 

My laptop/PC is running much slower since installing the Teams Desktop Client. What should I do?

Try running Teams via the Web version available at www.office.com


Do I still need Skype for Business?  

Both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business provide instant messaging, videoconferencing, and audio-conferencing features. Skype is still our enterprise voice client meaning that any incoming calls and external calls via PSTN will be delivered via Skype. You should continue to run both clients for now.

What is Islands Mode?  

Islands Mode describes the mode in which Skype and Teams coexist. This means that Teams and Skype run independently. If you initiate a call or chat in Skype or Teams the conversation will continue in that client.


What’s the difference between Team channels and private chats?

Team channels are places where everyone on the team can have open conversations. Private chats are only visible to those people in the chat.

How can I message people outside my organisation (federated) when they message you from teams?  

Federated messages from people outside your tenant will be received in the client that handles Skype messages.

Can I turn off the chat functionality in a meeting?

Yes, the meeting organiser can decide if they would like the meeting chat enabled or disabled during meetings

  1. Go to Meeting options.
    • Before the meeting: Open the meeting invitation you created and click Meeting options.
    • During the meeting: On the meeting toolbar click the ••• (More options) > Meeting options.
  2. Click Allow meeting chat, which is enabledby default.
    • You can either leave it Enabled.
    • Select Disabled, which will allow no further messages to be displayed, even if someone is trying to type.
    • In-meeting only: Allow the chat to only be used during the meeting and not after the meeting ends.
  3. Select your preferred option and click Save.

Teams and Channels

What’s the difference between public and private Teams? 

You can choose to set the privacy setting for your team as either “public” or “private”. In public teams, any user in the organization can join. With private teams, only team owners can add people to the teams

What’s the difference between standard and private Channels? 

Standard Channels are open to all members of a Team and anything posted is searchable by others

Private Channels are for discussions that shouldn’t be open to all members of a team so you must be invited to join one to view it within a team.

How do I search for content in channels?

Go to the channel where you would like to search for content and press CTRL F on your keyboard. /find <your channel name> will appear in the search box at the top of the Teams window. Enter search criteria and press Enter. Search results will appear in the left column of the window.

You can also search directly in the Teams Search box. Enter /find, the name of a channel or chat as well as the search criteria. Press Enter. Please note that this search option does not allow you to search chat messages/posts in a General channel.

Alternatively, use a pin to highlight important information by hovering over the message and clicking ··· More options > Pin. All pinned items are visible in the channel info pane located at the top right of the channel. Pinned posts appear below the names of those who recently interacted with the channel.


How do I make sure people in a Team or channel see my message?

The best way is to @mention them. Type @ before someone’s name and they will get a notification.

To get the attention of an entire channel, type @channel before your message and the channel will receive notifications.

To get the attention of the entire team, type @team before your message and all your teammates will receive notifications.


How do I transfer a Teams call?

  1. When you’re in a call, on the call controls, select More Actions (…) > Transfer
  2. Type in who to transfer the call to, and choose them
  3. Select Transfer to finish it


How do I Merge a Teams call?

If you’re on a call and want to pull someone new in, merge your existing call with a new one

  1. Go to Calls, type a name or number, and select Call.
    Your first call automatically gets put on hold when you make the second call.
  2. After the second call connects, on your call controls, select More actions () > Merge Calls.
  3. Choose a call to merge with, and then select Merge.
  4. Select Transfer to finish it


How do I have a dial in number show up when I create and send out a Teams meeting request?

By default only other Teams users can join a meeting. With the addition of an audio conferencing license users can join meetings via a normal telephone/mobile number either by dialling into the meeting or being dialled into the meeting. A limited number of these Audio Conferencing licenses are available so this functionality is not available by default.

In Microsoft Teams, if I invite external people to a meeting via a channel, can they view its contents?

No. External people cannot view any content in a channel unless they are members of that team or channel.

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