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Time to talk and energy saving tips

Campbeltown harbourThe mornings are definitely getting lighter and the evenings are beginning to stretch – a sure sign that spring is on its way. One thing that I’ve become more aware of this year though is the stunning colours that we experience at this time of year.

We automatically assume that summer is the best time to see fiery sunsets and are under the impression that winter is grey and bleak. Nothing could be further from the truth, and during my early-morning dog walks over the last few days, I got to experience some truly wonderful sunrises. We are extremely lucky to live and work in Argyll and Bute and it’s important that we all do our bit to help promote the area. If you’re out and about and see some beautiful scenery, please don’t forget to upload it to social media and use our hashtag #abplace2b.

Time to Talk

We tend to take the area for granted but just taking a step back and appreciating our surroundings really does help put things into perspective. With most of us still working from home, it’s easy to feel isolated, especially during the winter months, and this can take its toll on our mental health.

This week’s podcast is in conjunction with national Time To Talk Day – a day dedicated to talking to people around us and normalising conversations about mental health. Join me as I chat to members of The Kintyre Link Club and hear about some of the great work they’re doing to help promote the welfare of those who suffer, or have suffered, from mental ill health. Don’t forget that our own Employee Assistance Programme, provided by Health Assured provides independent, can provide confidential support and information to all employees. The My Healthy Advantage App also provides access to holistic health and wellbeing support at the tap of a finger anywhere and anytime. For more information, see The Hub.

Rising energy bills

You may have seen in the news that gas and electricity bills are set to increase by more than 50% in April. You can take some simple steps though to help keep your household bills down.

Our newly-appointed Home Energy Efficiency Officer, Jacqueline Westerman, has given us some great tips on how to save energy. Who knew that just switching your devices off at the wall instead of leaving them at stand-by could save you £40 per year! You can find all Jacqueline’s tips in the latest issue of Cascade on MyCouncilWorks.