Tom Eddleston, Station Manager, Oban Airport

How does your role with the council help people across Argyll and Bute?

My role is to ensure the safe operation of the Council’s three licensed airports including Oban airport. We operate flights to and from some of our remote island communities.  

It’s been a particularly torrid time for everyone involved in travel, tourism, and especially aviation. I do, however, believe we are entering into a new era of aviation with the development of greener technologies and the need to support our island communities has only strengthened during the pandemic.

Describe your view just now?
I’m really lucky to work at one of the most scenic airports in the UK with stunning coastal views, linking the mainland with the islands of Coll, Colonsay, Islay and Tiree. It really is a great place to work, whatever the weather!                                  

How long have you worked for the council?

I started in May 2007 before the airports received their licenses to operate so this is now my 14th year.

Best thing about working with your team?

The ‘can-do’ attitude that each and every one of the team demonstrates. They are willing to go above and beyond the normal operating parameters and are really invested in their work and the airports.

How do you relax?

I listen to great rock and roll music from different eras and play the guitar. I also like to travel but that has been difficult lately.

Favourite place to visit in Argyll and Bute

I’m biased but everyone should come to Oban! For me each area has something different to offer and the islands are an absolute must.

Tom Eddleston at Oban Airport