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Tomorrow’s news is a technique to help you visualise and communicate to others the vision you have for the final outcome of your service design journey.

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Asking questions is a useful way to understand new ideas.

By developing a comprehensive list of questions, and then answering them, you can understand the issue you are investigating as fully as possible. By taking time to generate questions, you are likely to consider your issue in more systematic and comprehensive ways than otherwise.

Starbursting can be used iteratively. Once one set of questions has been answered, the answers can be used as prompts to generate a new set of questions.

Why use it

  • Tomorrow’s news helps you to create a convincing story around what the benefits making changes will be. This can help bring people along with you on your service design / improvement journey.

When to use it

How to use it

Imagining you are at a point in the future when you have successfully completed your service design journey, you create a news story. The story contains information about the positive effects your service redesign has had.

  1. Write your article in a journalistic style, with a catchy headline, an illustration, and a quote from someone.
  2. Using simple, non-specialist language, set out what the problem was, what changed, and how people felt about the changes.



  • This technique is helpful in articulating aspirations, but if you focus on the positives there is a danger than you will gloss over any difficulties instead of trying to sort them out.
  • For this reason, Tomorrow’s news cannot be used in isolation from other tools in this toolkit.

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