At all stages of the service design process, there are multiple tools which can be used for the same task. It is up to you to choose the one(s) you find most comfortable with and which are best suited to the groups you are engaging with. Bear in mind that sometimes it pays to be flexible. If you find a tool isn’t working for you, knowing about alternatives offers you opportunities to reinvigorate your service design sessions, enabling you to shift to something that works better.

We want this toolkit to be a living document and over time, we will be able to show which tools are most popular and effective, helping future users to make increasingly well-informed choices as to which tools to use. You can also suggest new tools and templates to add to this resource if you find something not included here but which you have found works well for you. If you have more information about a tool (e.g. examples/case studies, websites, documents, etc) that others may find useful, please let us know.