Use of Colour



  • Use a good colour contrast between the foreground and background
  • Bear in mind users might be colour blind so colours will not present the same for everyone
  • Ensure that colour is not the only way that information is communicated.
  • Use colour alone to present information
  • Use  similar colours for the foreground and background

Things to remember

  • Use an alternative display on graphs and charts to present data, for example a different shape as well as a coloured line or a text alternative to see the results. This example shows a colour coded pie chart alongside a text alternative for the results.

Chart with colour and text display

  • Links should be underlined or have an alternative form of decoration to make users aware of active links, rather than just use colour. On the website we use bolded and underlined text to make links different to the rest of the text.

For a more detailed explanation please refer to the Microsoft guidelines on using colour.