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Wellbeing Wednesday 15 December 2021

Jane Fowler

Jane Fowler – Head of Customer Support Services

Hello everyone and welcome to the last Wellbeing Wednesday of 2021! In normal years this would be a week of Christmas lunches and parties, but instead has brought another bump in our collective Covid journey with the Omicron variant emerging. But although you may have missed out on work Christmas ‘do’s’, I would urge you all to try and take the positives amidst all of this. This year we can get together with our loved ones, where many couldn’t last year, we are much better prepared to keep one another safe through testing and we can all carry on taking the other precautions that we are so used to – social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. 

And even more importantly, many of us are fully vaccinated, which we know gives us very good protection from becoming dangerously ill with the virus. Please, please if you or any of your loved ones do not yet have your vaccinations up to date, plan this in as soon as possible. You can find lots of information on this here where you will find links to all the information you need from our NHS colleagues.

So let’s take the positives and enjoy whatever break we get. And part of that is being able to switch off from work! We have some practical hints and tips for doing exactly that, so please read and make the changes that will help you to help yourself.

And finally I wish you all the very best for a Happy Festive Period and look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Winding down for the holidays

December and run up to Christmas is a busy time both personally and at work. For some of us that means managing our workload and getting tasks completed for the end of year and for some of us that also means balancing Christmas preparations and working over the holiday period – we bow to our colleagues that are managing that!

Mind have provided a quick and helpful and practical guide to winding down for the holiday period and ensuring that we all get the rest we need and deserve.


Wrapping up at work

  • Concentrate on tasks that are high priority and make a list of tasks that can wait until after the holidays. This will help you to leave work at work and truly switch off.
  • Make sure you take breaks away from your desk or workstation especially if your workplace gets busier during the lead up to Christmas.
  • Focus on the positives. Reflect on your successes and acknowledge your accomplishments throughout the past year.
  • Think about what you might want to change in the New Year. For example, if you’ve not been taking a proper lunch break, put a recurring appointment in your calendar in 2022 to keep that time free?


During the holidays

  • Give yourself time to switch off, unwind and relax.
  • If your work emails are linked to your phone, consider switching off notifications.
  • Try to stick to your usual routine, including bedtimes.
  • Stay active with some regular exercise.
  • If you’re working over the festive period, work out your priorities and plan in advance to lessen the load over these days.




The Wellbeing Team will also winding down for the holidays and so Wellbeing Wednesday will be back next year. Best wishes for the holiday period and wishing you a happy and healthy 2022!