Wellbeing Wednesday 29th June 2022

Jane Fowler – Head of Customer Support Services

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! And today I’m with my mum at Holyrood wearing a fancy hat at the Garden Party! Postponed since 2020, it will be a lovely day out in Edinburgh. Spending time with family is one of my other wellbeing ‘good to do’s’ 

Date for the diary!  Wellbeing Walk

For anyone who will be in or around Mid Argyll Wednesday 6th July, meet us for a Wellbeing Walk 12.10pm at Kilmory car park. Everyone is welcome – rain or shine. The last walk we had was socially distanced due to Covid, and it was great to see people face to face.

Please email the wellbeing inbox if you plan to come and let us know if you have any special requests or needs so that we know numbers and can plan route options to suit everyone. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you there.

And if you fancy getting out and about elsewhere in mid Argyll, don’t forget the Taynish Art Trail – definitely worth a visit.

We heard from some of you about spotlighting a couple of health topics Lyme disease from tick bites – really easy to pick them up when you are walking out and about in Argyll – we get them in the garden. Also heart disease. So thank you for raising these important issues and we hope the information below is helpful.

Book update – this week I’m on Consider the Lilies by Iain Crichton Smith. Update next week. Look after yourselves

World Wellbeing Week

Please take the time to complete our wellbeing survey to help us shape the services we can bring to you, the more we know, the more we can help.

Closed – Wellbeing Survey – Help Us to Help You! (argyll-bute.gov.uk)

Take some time on the Taynish Art Trail:

Taynish Art Trailhttps://www.nature.scot/taynish-art-trail-2022

Lyme Disease UK is a registered charity founded by Lyme Disease patients. If you click on the image it will take you to information and support on symptoms of Lyme disease and what to do if you spot any of the symptoms.

One of the best ways to keep yourself from getting Lyme diseases is to avoid tick bites

To reduce the chance of being bitten:

•            Cover your skin while walking outdoors and tuck your trousers into your socks

•            Use insect repellent on your clothes and skin – products containing DEET are best

•            Stay on clear paths whenever possible

•            Wear light-coloured clothing so ticks are easier to see and brush off

And check yourself over when you come home for any ticks and remove them quickly and safely. Most tick bites will not give you Lyme disease.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) Preventing coronary heart disease (CHD)

You can reduce your risk of getting coronary heart disease by making some simple lifestyle changes.

These include:

  • eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • being physically active
  • giving up smoking
  • controlling blood cholesterol and sugar levels

Keeping your heart healthy will also have other health benefits, such as helping reduce your risk of stroke and dementia.

The British Heart Foundation has further information and support. Click the image link for more information on symptoms and causes of Coronary heart disease. Remember that not everyone has the same symptoms and some people may not have any before coronary heart disease is diagnosed.

Another good source of information is Pumping Marvellous. The image link will take you to their website.

BBC Good Food have lots of recipes and information on heart healthy food:

What to eat for… A healthy heart | BBC Good Food

As always please let us know your thoughts and ideas about the items featured in our Wellbeing Wednesdays each week and send us your suggestions for future topics – we love to hear from you.

The Wellbeing Team:  wellbeing@argyll-bute.gov.uk


Coronary heart disease – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Lyme disease – NHS (www.nhs.uk)