Jane Fowler

Wellbeing Wednesday 29th September 2021

Jane Fowler
Jane Fowler - Head of Customer Support Services

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday. I hope that you enjoyed your long weekend – it’s interesting how just one extra day feels like such a luxury – a time to relax and do just whatever you want to. I know many of you will have had commitments to fulfil – and some will have had to work, so if you didn’t manage a break this weekend, why not plan one soon? Just one day off – it’s good for you!

This week we are looking in depth at the particularly challenging issue of poverty in society and our communities; amongst friends and family. One of our wellbeing pillars is of financial wellbeing. We recognise that the pressures of low income can bring with it pressures of stress and anxiety that affect our health. Poverty Challenge Week is all about highlighting issues of poverty, talking about it and encouraging others to talk about it.

We are also looking at eye health this week – and as someone who recently picked up a pair of driving glasses – and has had my world transformed – I know how important this is! Many of us spend a lot of our lives looking at screens, so please take care of your eyesight and get it checked!

And finally we have a podcast on living a long and happy life! Taking a look at ‘blue zones’ that Dan Buettner has identified throughout the world, where people live longer and healthier lives – definitely worth a listen!

See you next week

Challenge Poverty Week

What is Challenge Poverty Week? 

Challenge Poverty Week is designed to highlight that poverty is a problem we can solve, and to showcase solutions we can all get behind. The week provides an opportunity for you to raise your voice against poverty and unite with others in calling for a more just and equal Scotland. 

What we can achieve together this Challenge Poverty Week

·       To raise a unified voice against poverty and show that we all want to live in a more just and equal Scotland.  

·       To build awareness and support for solutions to poverty.  

·       To change the conversation around poverty and help end the stigma of living on a low income. 


Raise your voice this Challenge Poverty Week

Taking part in Challenge Poverty Week is rewarding and impactful.  Check out the Get Involved page with lots of resources to make it easy for you to get involved.

Follow @PovertyAlliance and @CPW_Scotland on twitter to keep updated, or subscribe to the Poverty Alliance newsletter

Tackling Poverty in Argyll and Bute

 There are tens of thousands of households whose lives are restricted by poverty – and across the country poverty is increasing for the first time in two decades. More and more people aren’t getting the income they need to live a full and free life.  It is everyone’s responsibility to see that people have what they need to live and for children to grow up happy, included and fear from anxiety about where the next meal is coming from.  Scotland is a country that believes in social and economic inclusion and those ideals are reflected in the Government’s plan to tackle child poverty; Every Child Every Chance.

This sets out what is happening in Scotland and is based on the belief that by redesigning our economy to reflect our shared values of justice and compassion, we can unlock poverty’s grip. Action must be taken to boost people’s incomes, reduce the cost of living, and create the just and green Scotland we all want to see. 

In Argyll and Bute we share that determination to end child poverty, which affects 23.3% of our children.  Covid-19 has made life harder for families that were already struggling, particularly single parents and families where there is a disabled member.  We recognise the difficulties in finding work in our remote and island places and the higher costs of living that people can face. Wages on average are lower in Argyll and Bute than the rest of Scotland and sometimes our young people have to leave the area to find the career opportunities they need. 

By working together, as a Council, with our partners and communities we believe we can tackle the causes and impacts of child poverty.  We are working together in a multi-agency Child Poverty Action Group, with Health, Education, Benefits, Social Care and the Third Sector to make this happen.  More information is available on the Child Poverty and Challenge Poverty pages on the website.

These are difficult times but our shared effort and compassion can make a difference.  Let’s make sure that no family in Argyll and Bute goes unsupported and we stand together to lift them out of poverty.               

National Eye Health Week

20th – 26th September is National Eye Health Week.  This is a campaign run to raise the profile of optics as it encourages the public to be ‘eye-aware’ with a series of initiatives inspiring greater uptake of routine sight tests and highlighting the role of healthy lifestyles in preventing avoidable sight loss.

Two million people in the UK are living with sight loss that is severe enough to have a significant impact on their daily lives – but half of this sight loss is avoidable. Routine sight tests can detect early signs of conditions like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, which can be treated if found soon enough. Ways in which you can help to maintain good eye health include eating a healthy balanced diet, refraining from smoking, and wearing appropriate eye protection in bright sunlight.

Head to to find out more about National Eye Health Week, with great resources like an eye health calculator, a podcast, and even a sight loss simulator.

Positive Podcast - How to Live a Long, Healthy and Happy Life

Experts say that with the right lifestyle, you could extend your life expectancy for up to a decade. So what are the secrets to help us stay fit, healthy and active into our old age?

Wellbeing podcaster Dr. Rangan Chatterjee meets with National Geographic Explorer and author Dan Buettner to find out.

Dan has led teams of researchers across the globe to discover the secrets of Blue Zones – geographical areas where high percentages of the population live longer, have more active lives and better chance at avoiding disease. This includes Italy, Japan, Greece and Costa Rica.

In this podcast* he explains what we can all learn from his findings for the best chances of living a healthy, happy and full life. You can also find out more about Blue Zones in Dan’s Ted Talk.

*Please note the podcast does come with a warning regarding explicit language which refers to one use of the word bull****.


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