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Wellbeing Wednesday 8 December 2021

Jane Fowler

Jane Fowler – Head of Customer Support Services

Hello all and welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday, where this week we’re covering books, podcasts and also giving those of you who are managers some pointers on reducing and managing stress at work – for you and your teams.

I was so privileged as a child having a well-stocked library just a short walk from our home. My dad used to take us on Saturdays when my mum was working. The library was one of those old, Victorian Buildings and I remember the heavy doors and the smell of books as you walked in. But the magical part of visiting the library was the stories, hidden between the covers of all those books – adventures, mysteries, faraway lands… ‘Why are you always reading and not playing?’ my friends would ask. But I was off in a world of my own, deep in the story of the book. I still love a good yarn, and my dad, who is in his 80’s now has passed his love of books on to my children – we all look forward to the Christmas family parcel of ‘pre loved’ books that he has selected for us throughout the year. It would be great to hear about any book traditions you have – or your recommended Christmas ‘reads’. This Christmas I am going to make much more time for reading and spend less time scrolling on social media – honest! And I am definitely getting an online membership of our LiveArgyll libraries.

And on the theme of social media, we have a section today on podcasts. Such a great way to reduce your screen time, whilst still learning and being entertained. And as well as the ones recommended below, don’t forget that you can listen to our Chief Executive Pippa’s Podcasts here

And finally, if you are a manager, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join our sessions on reducing stress at work – they are designed to support you, so please get in touch and sign up.

Happy reading and see you next week.

Focus on Libraries from LiveArgyll – books and so much more!

Did you know that LiveArgyll library memberships are free? And not just about books?

Libraries are places where community is key and everyone is welcome. They’re more than just books, they’re a gateway to the tools and technology our communities need.

By becoming a library member you’re not just supporting Live Argyll but also discovering the surprising new ways they serve you and your community.

Through your library membership you can access a huge range of books and also audiobooks through online library BorrowBox. Library members also have access to PressReader, an online newspaper and magazine subscription that gives you access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top publications. You can check out men and women’s health magazines, popular children’s magazines, news from around the world and hobby-based materials.

Reading for pleasure and visiting our libraries also offers huge benefits. It can help improve our literacy and communication skills, reduce symptoms of depression, increase self-esteem and confidence, improve family relationships and help us to empathise with others’ feelings. A trip to the library could also help you feel less lonely and isolated.

Libraries offer support from a young age, including through Bookbug sessions. Sharing stories, songs and rhymes with babies and young children in the free Bookbug sessions supports children’s language, learning and social skills.

With exciting ongoing library development there’s something for everyone and your local  library is looking forward to seeing how they can better reach the wider community through kids clubs, family support and so much more – why would you not want to be a member?!

LiveArgyll promote good health and wellbeing. Join online here or pop into your local branch – there will always be a warm welcome for you!

Reducing Stress at work

If you are a line manager, there are just two opportunities left to take part in the sessions we have arranged to support you with reducing and managing stress in your teams.

How the Employee Assistance Programme can help you

 A live webinar delivered by Health Assured on the wide range of services they can provide to support you in your role as a manager. A great opportunity to join with other managers across the council, to ask questions and learn some useful things you might not have known about the service.

14 Dec 3:30 – 4:30pm via MS Teams – email to book your place

Reducing Stress in the Workplace

This is the final drop-in session on this subject delivered by the wellbeing team and a valuable opportunity for you to get further insight on how you can use the procedure and resources to address stress in your team. Don’t miss this chance to ask questions in a supportive setting alongside other managers.

15 Dec 3:30 – 4:30pm via MS Teams – Click this link to join the meeting

Positive Podcasts

Our screen time in the run up to Christmas can really add up, so try to spend some time away from your screen throughout the day. This week we are bringing you podcasts with a theme of positivity and wellbeing, so take a break and rest your eyes.

The High Performance Podcast: Mel Robbins: Can you really high 5 your way to happiness?

Jake Humphries and Damian Hughes talk about the motivating approach that helped the Scotland Rugby team to dramatically turnaround a losing match to England and discuss with author Mel Robbins how we can achieve contentment through compassion and positivity. There is some swearing in this podcast – Mel Robbins is very passionate! A follow up to this, if you really can’t stay away from your screen is the wonderful Ted Lasso TV series, a great watch even if you’re not a football fan!

BBC Desert Island Discs – Bob Mortimer

Legendary comedian Bob Mortimer talks to Lauren Lavern about the eight musical tracks he would take to a desert island. Bob talks about recovery from triple heart bypass surgery, overcoming shyness to become a performer, loss, friendship and taking part in TV programme Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing, the funny and warm TV programme that tackles men’s health and wellbeing.

Please also let us know your thoughts and ideas about the items featured in our Wellbeing Wednesdays each week and send us your suggestions for future topics – we love to hear from you.

The Wellbeing Team: