What is service design?


Within the council, when we talk about Services, we are often referring to specific parts of the organisation structure. Under these Services, there are multiple Teams which carry out a range of activities.

When service designers talk about services, they mean something different. In the context of service design:

A service is something that helps someone do something

Lou Downe

Services have clear beginnings and ends. You may think about them as journeys, or as a process or sequence of interconnected processes. After the service user has finished using the service, they will have completed whatever task it was they set out to do.

Parts of a service might be provided by a range of teams or even organisations; however, from the user’s perspective, a service is one continuous set of actions which enable them to reach their goal.

[KS – Examples of services?]

Service design

Service design aims to make user journeys through services as easy and seamless as possible.

The Scottish Approach to Service Design, and by extension our own, is built around the Design Council’s Double Diamond model.

You should learn more about the Double Diamond model because it’s an integral part in undertaking any service design activity.

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