Tarbert Harbour

What kind of week have you had?

What kind of week have you had? And how often have you taken a moment to think about the positive difference you’ve made for others?

I could imagine ‘busy’ and ‘never’ being many people’s answers to those questions.

There has understandably been a lot of focus this week on the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II; respecting the difference a person has made is often part of our response when someone sadly dies.

It’s important however to do this too as we work through day-to-day life, especially I think when we’re really busy, have done a lot, but have a lot more to do.

It can be motivating to note the difference your actions, words, and decisions have made.

So, to give you less to read and help free up a moment of your time to reflect, my update this week is short, and with the simple ask that you take a moment to reflect on how you have made others’ lives better this week.

Thank you for the difference you are making.


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive