Winter plan to keep Argyll and Bute moving

Images shows a tractor with a snow plough attached clearing snow from a road

11,000 tonnes of salt, 31 frontline vehicles and a dedicated team monitoring winter conditions – all part of the council’s 2022/23 winter plan to keep Argyll and Bute moving.

The £2.12 million plan will help keep 750 miles of priority routes open for business and treat footpaths where there is heavy snow or persistent freezing conditions. It outlines priorities and resources required throughout the winter months through to spring.

Councillor Andrew Kain, Policy Lead for Roads and Transport:

“We are committed to making sure people can travel across Argyll and Bute as safely as possible during the winter months. We have a robust plan that includes a team of dedicated roads workers, who are often out in challenging weather conditions. We also analyse weather forecast data on a daily basis to plan treatment for priority routes. In addition to our own fleet of winter vehicles, we also have a network of local contractors who we can mobilise in emergencies.

Although winter may seem a long way off, there are steps you can take to be winter ready. You can find lots of helpful information on the council website

The council carries a stock of 11,000 tonnes of salt and can replenish depending on the severity of the winter. 

Only the trunk roads – A82, A85, A828 and A83 – are the responsibility of BEAR Scotland on behalf of Transport Scotland. The area’s roads network, excluding the trunk routes, runs to nearly 1,430 miles.

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