Pippa Milne

CEX update -Working together

Image features three women at a desk with an open laptop.

Scotland’s councils are coming together this week to discuss key issues that affect us all. We regularly work together through CoSLA. In addition to that, over yesterday and today, we are considering challenges and opportunities such as:

  • the New Deal that’s being developed between national and local government intended in part to develop a sustainable funding approach for councils;
  • digitally transforming social care services;
  • Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Route map and Circular Economy Bill focused on reducing our carbon footprint;
  • unlocking community action; and
  • developing the working relationship between different public services and avoiding silos, particularly for the benefit of public health and the economy.

As well as outcomes for specific issues, a key thing that comes from group discussions like this is the reminder of the power of shared, collaborative thinking and working – the agenda itself is a reminder of how important the role of councils is, and will continue to be, in all our lives; and sharing concerns, and ideas for addressing them, strengthens confidence and ability to meet them. I hope that when issues come up for you, you draw on the support of your colleagues when that would help.


And talking of the benefits of sharing ideas – thank you to everyone who has already given views on how employee empowerment could make their working lives easier. Empowering employees is one of the principles of Connect for Success. To develop it in ways that really help you, we asked for views on what it means for you.

Some people have said that examples would make it easier to answer, so here are some examples from the feedback we have so far:

  • Being trusted to do my job but feeling I can talk to someone if I have an issue
  • Knowing what’s expected of me and expectations being realistic and consistent
  • Having to do fewer reports
  • Knowing that the difference I make is noticed and valued.

If you haven’t yet given your views, please do get in touch at workingtogether@argyll-bute.gov.uk. Thanks.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Pippa Milne

Chief Executive