Image shows red, yellow and blue houses in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull

Working together for change

Thanks again to everyone who has contacted me to discuss any barriers to your work. I’ve had some really interesting and thought provoking feedback along with fantastic suggestions. Your feedback is important and will help develop the change programme.

Housing and recruitment challenges
A number of you have raised the issue of recruitment and in particular available housing across Argyll and Bute. We know this continues to be an issue and we are taking action to address the housing shortage. As a result of feedback, we now have a housing group led by Executive Director, Kirsty Flanagan. Together with Heads of Services and Senior Officers, the group will identify solutions and actions to address the housing market issue across all sectors, not just the council. It will also consider how to remove any barriers in developing additional housing across the area.

I will keep you updated on our actions as they develop.  

Your views matter
As you are aware, we are facing challenging times in local government. I would like to reassure you that we are committed to looking at ways on how to improve key issues raised by employees in different ways. If you have views on the following topics, I would really appreciate hearing from you

  • Bureaucracy: how can we make it easier to get decisions made, reduce processes and any other steps to reducing bureaucracy?
  • Collaboration: what, in addition to MS365 technology, would make it easier to work together as cross-service teams?
  • Communication with customers and colleagues: we all spend time on this, what are the obstacles, what would make it easier, and more effective?
  • Keeping motivated and supported: we continue to deliver services and achieve successes of all different kinds; this is not though an easy time to be in local government – how can we support each other and our teams?

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Have a lovely weekend